Choosing A Vape Device That’s Right for You

Having chosen to enter the world of vaping as a means of giving up smoking, the first question for any new vaper is which vape device is right for me? There is no definitive correct answer as each new vaper may be looking to get different things from vaping, but plenty of great starter kits are available to investigate. Most new vapers start with a more specific device such as a disposable pen or pod as they are easy to use, cheap to buy and come in a variety of different flavours to try.

 A Great Disposable Vape Option

There are many disposable devices for the new vaper to choose from, but the elf bar disposable pod is as good as any. With its small, lightweight, and compact design, it is pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid and is has a 9W fixed power output delivering around 600 puffs which are equivalent to about two packets of cigarettes. Its dimensions of 105mm x 18mm x 15mm mean it’s a compact little device great for discreet vapes, as a travel vape or as a great starting place for a new non-smoker. It comes in a range of different flavours, from Spearmint or Watermelon to Pineapple Peach Mango or Strawberry ice cream. It’s a genuinely great option!!

Are other Disposables Available?

If the elf bar isn’t for you, there are plenty of other disposable pods and pens on the market to look at; SMOK’s Mbar disposable pen is highly rated, as is Geek bar’s disposable Nic salt pen. Further options include the superbly named Dinner lady disposable pen or the Qis bar pod. All are sealed units pre-filled with e-liquid and again combine compact design, cheap cost and a wide range of different flavours to try.

Moving On from Disposables

Having found vaping to their liking, many then move on from their disposable vape, and there is a wealth of options available to choose from. Vape pens are a good progression as they offer the vaper a similar compact size but are both refillable with the vaper’s own choice of e-liquid and can be recharged for continual use. Good examples of the vape Pen include Innokin’s Endura, Aspire’s PockeX and SMOK’s stick V9 available as starter kits in various colours they complete with charger. Some vape pens such as the Endura, have adjustable airflow and power wattage allowing the user to adjust their device to create a vape that is more to their liking.

Larger Clouds Required?

Many vapers are utterly content with their vape pen, but many also progress onto a bigger and more complicated vape device which generally means a vape pod. The latest innovation in the vaping world combines an internal battery with a changeable built-in coil which allows the vaper to switch between the sub-ohm or plus ohm types of vaping. Good examples of the vape pod are Voopoo’s Drag Nano 2, Innokin’s Coolfire Z50 and SMOK’s Nord pod – all are available in a range of great colours to choose from. Wherever the vaping journey takes you, there are a wealth of options available to every type of vaper.