CBD Calming Chews For a Healthy and Happy Dog

Dogs have been the best friend of men for ages, and treats are an excellent way to show your affection to reward obedience or demonstrate your warmth. CBD gummies for dogs can be an excellent treat for your canine friend. Many researchers assert cannabidiol (CBD) is beneficial for both humans and pets. A survey conducted in 2021 exhibits half of the 1,448 pet owner participants gives their pets CBD treats, and edible form is mostly preferred by dog owners. If you have a dog and contemplating giving CBD treats to him, join the elite group of pet lovers doing so, as CBD gummies brings a wide range of health benefits to dog and cats.

Wide range of health benefits


CBD Calming Chews to dogs are not only a recompense but also provide a wide range of health benefits to pets, including alleviating pain and inflammation, stress and depression, skin and fur condition, and metabolism. The gummies are soft and perfect for puppies or dogs suffering from dental or other health issues. The gummies are legal to use as pet products as long as the product is derived from hemp containing 0.3% or less of THC. CBD gummies bring more benefits to dogs as they have more cannabinoid receptors than humans. But CBD gummies produced for humans must not be given to canines as they contain sugar and other components that are not healthy for dogs.

More endocannabinoid receptors 

Like humans, dogs, too, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) comprising cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), enzymes, and cannabinoids. Treats constituting CBD support digestion and modules many physiological functions like thermoregulation, reproduction, reducing aches and pain, and promoting repose and cool mood. G protein-coupled receptors of the ECS produce endocannabinoid that stimulates these activities. Dogs are tolerant to CBD as they internally produce endocannabinoids, and in rare cases, there are occurrences of side effects that subside shortly. The symptoms could be loss of appetite, dry mouth, mild diarrhea, and stupor.

Reduce stress 

There is no standard dosage of CBD Calming Chews for dogs, but the suggested amount is .25mg of CBD per 1lb. of body mass or0 .50mg of CBD per 1lb. Body weight for a pronounced effect. Dogs are susceptible to stress like humans. It can be due to parting puppies from their mother, loud noise, pain, being alone for too long, or other pets. When your canine friend is stressed, CBD treats can improve their mood and make them jovial. CBD gummies can calm down and relax the dog, but the dosage and timing are crucial. The CBD chews dog-friendly fruits, vegetables, boiled unprocessed meat, and compounds containing omega-3 for healthy and happy dogs.